Plymouth County: WATD’s Christine James Catches Up with D.A. Tim Cruz

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Christine James
May 17, 2018

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Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz went from an opioid conference at Bridgewater State University on Wednesday, to a man barricaded inside his Middleboro home, who had already fired a weapon at police.

Christine James caught up with the D.A. for more details:


From left: Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz, Middleboro Police Chief Joseph Perkins, Sheriff Joe McDonald. Photo credit: Lenny Rowe.

From left: Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz, Middleboro Police Chief Joseph Perkins, Sheriff Joe McDonald. Photo credit: Lenny Rowe.

Bridgewater: State Officials Attend Opioid Conference

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Amy Leonard
May 17, 2018

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Governor Charlie Baker and other officials attended a conference held by the Plymouth County Drug Task Force at Bridgewater State University on Wednesday to discuss efforts being taken to battle the opioid epidemic.

Governor Baker has been tackling this uphill battle by increasing spending by 60% to implement new treatment programs and adding 1,100 treatment beds in the state resulting in a drop in overdose deaths.

“We are doing a lot of really good things, the reason we filed that second piece of legislation is because we need to do more. This is a relentless disease that has no feelings, it takes no prisoners,” said Gov. Baker.

Plymouth County District Attorney, Tim Cruz, praises the collaborative efforts between the nontraditional partners that are making resources available.

“I think this conference shows that there is hope out there, there has been a lot of progress and a lot of good people are working really hard,” said D.A. Tim Cruz.

Attacking from both sides, Fentanyl and Carfentanyl are now classified as a schedule one drug due to a bill that was passed and Massachusetts is one of the only states that requires drug prescribers to pass a course in opioid therapy and pain management.

East, West Bridgewater schools and police discouraging drinking, drug use in prom season


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Amanda Irwin
May 5, 2018

Area schools hold required forums to discourage drinking and drug use.

With area proms approaching, East and West Bridgewater schools are taking premptive measures to discourage underaged drinking.

On Monday night, officials at East Bridgewater Junior/Senior High School held a substance abuse awareness event that was mandatory for any junior or senior attending the prom, while also requiring at least one parent to attend as well.

Students were shown the documentary “If They Had Known,” a film created by Winchester residents Geoff and Genny Soper, whose 19-year-old son Clay Soper died in 2015 after mixing alcohol and prescription drugs.

“This was a powerful documentary about the dangers of mixing prescription drugs and alcohol,” said East Bridgewater police Chief Scott Allen in a press release. “Some of the parents in the audience were wiping away tears. Making this mandatory for students attending prom is an important reminder that they can have fun on their special night, but must also be safe and responsible in doing so.”

“They spoke compellingly about the loss of their son as a result of mixing alcohol and medication,” said Principal Brian Duffey.

A second viewing of the documentary will be held on May 21 prior to the senior prom.

District Attorney Timothy Cruz also spoke to students and parents about the importance of understanding social host law, which states that supplying, giving or providing anyone under 21 years old with alcohol or allowing anyone under 21 years to consume alcohol is punishable by a fine of up to $2,000 and/or up to a year of imprisonment.

“We had a good turnout and everyone in attendance was certainly impacted by the gravity of the Soper’s story,” Duffey said. “We as a school community are committed to providing resources to our students that set them up for success, both in and out of the classroom.”

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District Attorney Tim Cruz visits Oak Point as guest speaker for Women’s Club event

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Plymouth DA’s drug forfeiture money fuels Kid’s Road Races in Brockton



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Tom Relihan

“It’s people who are selling drugs and poison on our streets, and when we’re able to arrest and convict them, we take those monies every year and we give them back to the community,” Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz said. Cruz on Friday donated $4,000 to David Gorman’s annual Kids Road Races, which kick off on April 28.

BROCKTON – When you only charge a buck for kids to run, $4,000 can go a long way in helping organize the Brockton Kid’s Road Races, and the Plymouth County district attorney’s office on Friday made sure those funds were in place for the next season.

Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz presented race organizer David Gorman with a $4,000 donation to go toward hosting the races, which he called a “great cause.”

“It’s something for the kids and for families,” Cruz said. “Busy kids stay out of trouble, and every Saturday, when the races are going on, you see all types of families come together. It’s a really good family bonding thing.”

The donation was drawn from money seized in drug enforcement operations that were forfeited upon a suspect’s conviction, he noted.

“It’s people who are selling drugs and poison on our streets, and when we’re able to arrest and convict them, we take those monies every year and we give them back to the community,” Cruz said.

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Photos: Center for Active Living Volunteer Luncheon


April 13, 2018


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Brockton: Authorities Working with Community to Reduce Crime


Lenny Rowe
April 12, 2018

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Authorities in Brockton are working with the community to reduce crime after an uptick in violence.

In response to recent shootings, Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz says extra resources from the State Police Community Action Team and Drug Task Force have been called in. He said within a few hours of the extra units arriving, an arrest was made and a loaded 9-millimeter pistol was secured.

“Brockton is an urban community. It’s not a bad place. There’s a small group of bad actors, who when you take them out of the equation, you see your numbers go way down,” said Cruz.

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In a Plymouth County first, man convicted of supplying drugs that caused fatal overdose

The Boston Globe


In the first conviction of its kind in Plymouth County, a Whitman man was found guilty of supplying drugs that caused the fatal overdose of a 25-year-old woman, prosecutors announced on Friday.

Following an 8-day trial, a jury found Steven D. Foss, 36, guilty of manslaughter, five counts of distribution of a class A substance, heroin, and one count each of possession with intent to distribute a Class A substance, heroin, and intimidation of a witness, according to the Plymouth district attorney’s office said in a statement.

He was found not guilty of one count of assault and battery. Sentencing was scheduled for April 6.

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Battling the opioid crisis in Hingham is a team effort



Substance misuse education is the key to prevention and recovery, those involved in battling the current widespread opioid crisis say.

As part of the ongoing effort to fight opioid addiction in Hingham, other South Shore communities, and beyond, the Hingham Police Department -- along with the 26 others in Plymouth County, participates in the regional “Project Outreach” program.

This is a collaboration of public safety agencies and healthcare providers created to respond to the increasing number of opiate overdoses in constructive ways.

These include follow-up visits within 12 to 24 hours following an overdose to provide support and help not only for those with substance misuse disorder but also for their families.

Honoring law enforcement

The Hingham CARES (Community, Action, Resources, Education, Support) substance misuse prevention coalition recently hosted a meeting to honor law enforcement officials involved in this battle.

“We have a wealth of talent, information, and resources at our fingertips,” said Kristen Arute, who co-chairs CARES with Lori McCarthy.

CARES’s focus is to prevent substance misuse -- both alcohol and drugs -- among young people but includes all ages.


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Plymouth: Trauma Grant Available To Local Schools


Dan McCready
March 23, 2018

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A free program is being made available to help local children dealing with trauma. 

Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz tells WATD News that recently there has been a need to give greater focus to trauma caused by the opioid crisis. 

Cruz explains what this training will entail.



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