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Endorsements, Testimonials and Comments from People around Plymouth County that support Tim Cruz:


Joseph Shrand, MD, Marshfield- Letter to the Editor:

The opioid crisis has gripped our commonwealth. It is not partisan, does not discriminate, is not a Democratic or Republican issue. It impacts us all, whether you are an active user, are the friend or family of a person in distress, or have lost a loved one to an overdose. At this time of shared sorrow we need a champion to help. I am honored to endorse such a champion: Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz. He has protected children, the elderly, domestic violence victims, and the disabled from abuse by working collaboratively with local law enforcement, social service agencies, health care professionals, the faith community and educators on crime prevention initiatives throughout the county. DA Cruz has endorsed the availability of Narcan, the life-saving medicine that can reverse a potentially lethal overdose. The DA has helped support Drug Story Theater, bringing education to the middle and high schools across Plymouth County. He has worked to help the children who have been directly impacted by substance use in the family, following, supporting and implementing the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) program. By paying attention to the children DA Cruz hopes to avoid the next opioid crisis. I’m all for that.

Joseph Shrand, MD, Marshfield


Robert J. Pomeroy, Chief of Police, Plymouth (Ret.)- Letter to the Editor:

District Attorney Tim Cruz deserves your support on Election Day.

As the former chief of police for the town of Plymouth, I worked very closely with District Attorney Tim Cruz for many years. I first met Tim in 1985 when he was a new assistant district attorney assigned to the Plymouth District Court. Even back then, I admired what I saw – a tenacious prosecutor who had compassion for victims.

As district attorney, Tim and his staff are aggressive prosecutors who work closely with federal, state and local law enforcement to take dangerous criminals off the street to protect the public. Tim also has a deep commitment to the victims of crime and they never forget the impact that crime has on them.

Tim Cruz is a professional who has earned the respect of law enforcement. He is also a leader that has demonstrated his commitment to proactive prevention of crime through drug, alcohol and safety education programs for students, parents and educators.

District Attorney Tim Cruz deserves your support on Election Day.

Robert J. Pomeroy, Plymouth chief of police (ret.)


Michael J. Sullivan, Ashcroft Law Firm, Fmr. Director of ATF; Fmr. U.S. Attorney; Fmr. Plymouth County DA; Fmr. State Rep:

"District Attorney Tim Cruz has served the people of Plymouth County and the Commonwealth with distinction.  Our county and our communities are safer thanks to DA Cruz's leadership, the exceptional team he has and the terrific partnerships he has formed with law enforcement, survivor organizations and schools throughout the county.  I am proud that Tim succeeded me as Plymouth County District Attorney and prouder of the great work he has done.  Plymouth County will be well served with many more years of Tim Cruz's service as District Attorney"


Tommy Fuller, October 8, 2022 via website


William Chamberlain, September 23, 2022  via website


Ted Walker, August 19, 2022 via website


SCPO Keith Jermyn, USN (Ret), August 18, 2022  via website


Dennis Hutchison, August 17, 2022 via website


Robert Reidy, July 19, 2022  via website


Jared Valenzola, May 19, 2022  via website


Herbert Lemon, October 5, 2018 via website


Winsome Quigley Hood, October 1, 2018 via Facebook:

“He is the best,good luck for your next term in office.👌🇱🇷“


Worall Fam, September 30, 2018 via Facebook:

“Thanks for keeping our communities safe for over 20 years. We appreciate your commitment”


Joanne Fleming, September 30, 2018 via Facebook:

”You’ve got our votes”


Anthony O’Brien, Sr, September 22, 2018 via Facebook:

“Election or non-election years no one is more involved in law enforcement and community causes throughout the county than our district attorney. Tough, compassionate commitment and leadership”


Deborah Noble Farrell, September 14, 2018 via Facebook:

“Thank you Tim! It does not go unnoticed!”


Dawn Padavoni, September 3, 2018 via Facebook:

“Good luck, Tim! You have my vote!”


Joy Toronto, September 3, 2018 via Facebook:

“You have my vote!”


Mike Zuccarelli, September 3, 2018 via Facebook:

”Tim, good luck. You are truly a good person!”


Judy Pitts, September 1, 2018 via Facebook:

“Thank you for your support.”


Linda Noble, August 6, 2018 via website


Diana Woodbury , July 31, 2018 via Facebook:

"You have our trust and our feeling of being safe while you have and will continue to be our District Attorney Tim Cruz. Your hard work as our DA needs to continue for the safety of Plymouth County."


Elliot Savitz, July 6, 2018 via website


Alex Drosos , June 26, 2018 via Facebook:

"District Attorney Tim Cruz I only tell the truth the protection of my children is the most important thing in my life and there's no district attorney I would have In that position than you it's my privilege to support you"


Alan Germain, June 26, 2018 via Facebook in response to receiving the Carver Police Union's Endorsement:

"Well deserved! Could not have picked a better, more qualified person. Thanks DA Cruz for your dedication and commitment."


Mark Townsend, June 21, 2018 via Facebook in response to receiving the Massachusetts Corrections Officers Federated Union's Endorsement:

 "Very well deserved. Thanks for all you do for the people of Plymouth County."


Colleen Jacobsen, May 6, 2018 via website


Toni Iafrate, May 6, 2018 via website


Barb Faherty, May 6, 2018 via website


Mary McKay Vacca, February 6, 2018 via Facebook:

“Tim is the best man to have as our Plymouth County District Attorney. His commitment to keep us aware and deal with the perpetrators that rob, scam and fraud the public is amazing. VOTE TIM CRUZ PLYMOUTH COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY!!”


Sean Merrill, February 19, 2018 via Facebook:

“DA Tim Cruz is an amazing guy. Working in the field of addiction and recovery at Teen Challenge I see firsthand how hard he works to fight this drug epidemic. He certainly has my unwavering support.”


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