WATD: DA Cruz Addresses Plymouth Chamber On Opioid Crisis


PLYMOUTH -- WATD-FM covers DA Cruz's address to the Plymouth County Chamber of Commerce Legislative Breakfast. DA Cruz addressed his office's efforts to combat the opioid crisis. 

Plymouth: Chamber of Commerce Hosts Legislative Breakfast
By Bobbi Clark

In Plymouth, the Chamber of Commerce hosted business leaders at their Legislative Breakfast on Friday at the 1620 Hotel. State and County officials addressed the audience.

And that audience, though polite and interested in what officials had to say showed, in their questions to  those officials, that they were more interested in the opioid crisis and what the state should be doing now that recreational marijuana is legal: State Senator Vinny deMacedo answered the marijuana question.

“This is a very new industry. There’s a lot we still don’t know,” said deMacedo. “We’re only one of eight states in the nation. My advice, that I received from the Governor of Colorado: go slow, get your information before you move too quickly, because the industry will get ahead of you.”

breakfastAnd the opioid crisis has moved very quickly, according to Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz, who told the group that five years ago law enforcement officials did not routinely carry Narcan.

“And now we see a lot of law enforcement and fire fighters in non-traditional roles, providing Narcan to individuals upon their arrivals at scenes they get called to—911 calls they get called to—and they’re saving peoples lives. So I think that’s a really positive step,” said Cruz.

State Representative Tom Calter was positive about the role of leadership in difficult times.

“These are very challenging times, and I think all leaders have to understand that leadership is about service to others,” said Calter.


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