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October 20, 2018

The opioid crisis has gripped our commonwealth. It is not partisan, does not discriminate, is not a Democratic or Republican issue. It impacts us all, whether you are an active user, are the friend or family of a person in distress, or have lost a loved one to an overdose. At this time of shared sorrow we need a champion to help. I am honored to endorse such a champion: Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz. He has protected children, the elderly, domestic violence victims, and the disabled from abuse by working collaboratively with local law enforcement, social service agencies, health care professionals, the faith community and educators on crime prevention initiatives throughout the county. DA Cruz has endorsed the availability of Narcan, the life-saving medicine that can reverse a potentially lethal overdose. The DA has helped support Drug Story Theater, bringing education to the middle and high schools across Plymouth County. He has worked to help the children who have been directly impacted by substance use in the family, following, supporting and implementing the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) program. By paying attention to the children DA Cruz hopes to avoid the next opioid crisis. I’m all for that.

Joseph Shrand, MD, Marshfield


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