Grad Nite Live thanks volunteers


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Posted Jun 20, 2018 at 4:46 PM

Grad Nite Live would like to thank Scott & Sheila Borstel, District Attorney Tim Cruz and The Molly Fund for years of non-wavering support and generosity, as well as Stephne Haddad, Katheryn Hahn, Julie Snow, Kimberly McMahon & Family, Lizanne Moffatt, and Rusty Apgar for their years of hard work, time, and talent designing GNL! Every year these people are there financially and creatively to help make Grad Nite Live a wondrous, safe and exciting event for our MHS Senior Class.


Grad Nite Live would like to thank the following companies and people for their support on this year’s Grad Nite Live event! It truly takes the whole Community to keep our kids safe and we could not do it without everyone’s support.

​Main Artists/Decorators:

Kathryn Hahn, Lizanne Moffat, Rusty Apgar, Stephne Haddad, Julie Snow, Kimberley McMahon, Susie O’Gara, Celeste Maglio, Kerry Murphy, Ellen Birkmeyer, Matt Parent, Andrea Hayes, Sue Kaetzer, Brenna Palmstrom and Alex Wall, Marie Kurmin.

Helpers/Painters who worked leading up to Grad Nite:

Judd Schollin, Kathy Nielsen, Laurel Buckley, Tracey McDonald, Wendy Apgar, Nancy Belezos, Fawn Sherman, Sandy Phaneuf, Mike McMahon, Piper McMahon, Lucas McMahon, Sarah Snow, Michelle Snow, Dan Snow, Geri Calos, Susan Robinson, Emily Parent, Sarah Parent, Olivia Parent, Maura Hayes, Erin Hayes, Megan Hayes, Sarah Zaslaw, Erin McGettrick, Eileen and Mark Curto, Jen Cantwell, Eileen O’Donoghue, Renee Mahoney, Kathy Leonard, June Feeney, Laurie Jarvis, Liz Galvin, Cody Rohland, Kellie Newcomb, Kelley Russell, Laurie Sleeper, Michelle Joyce, Paula and Heather Allen, Adam Burch, Kristin Weisser, Caleen Alexanderson, Colleen Birkmeyer, Meghan Birkmeyer, Kelsey Birkmeyer, Reilly Murphy, Cassidy Murphy, Rory Murphy, Elyssa Cole, Joanie Pozerski, Bonnie Chabra, Jen London, Heidi Law, Erin Ward, Denise Shaw, Nikki Kelly, Lauren Pozerski, Ann Farrell, Cindy Sullivan, Meg Verni, Teresa DeLuca, Rosemary Cullivan, Diane Bracken, Trish Peterson, Liz Martin, Mary MacAdam, Val Devonshire, Tara McGlame, Gail Hickey, Laurie Sleeper, Kelly Mullen, Erin Steinaway, Megan Kurmin, Maryellen Walsh, Jeana Trimboli, Loren Ettridge, Nancy Gage,

Set-Up Volunteers Friday and Saturday:

National Honor Society students, Student Council students, Key Club students, the boys basketball team, Stacey LaVangie and the boys football team, Track Team, State Street Bank volunteers, Lisa and Amy Scheiber, Niels Neilsen, Amy and Jim Hamilton, Paul Birkmeyer, Dan Wheeler, Randy Pease, Michelle and Caitlin Madeiros, Doreen Coggeshall, Patrice Hanlon, Alecia Comer, Diane Looney, Kristin Noonan, Mike Sleeper, Joseph Flaherty, Kym Doherty, Kelly Ann Barnes, Lori Moeykens, Joann Bohorquez, Debra Crossman, Adrienne Vigilante, Suzanne Adams, Elizabeth Roberts, Jaime Noyes, Derek Deeney, Jennifer Murphy, Christine, Murphy, Peg Davis, Doug and Marta Caldwell, Ross Troiano, Jim Fitzgerald, Kim Nelson, Kristine Hammill, Gabby Rohland, Alice Byrne, Megan Bonney, Nikki Corbo and the Last families.

Gym Volunteer during GNL:

Jeff & Sarah Dunn, Connor Mahoney, Billy Bowers


Linda Melville and staff of Beaches Salon did Hair/Nails/TemporaryTattoos; Laurel Kenny did Face Painting; Rich with Photo Fun Flips; Tracy Aboud did Tarot Card Reading; Steve Rocha with Medium Steve; Laura Hanson with Unplug Be Mindful Yoga in Marshfield did Massage; Its 2 Cool Inflatables, Steve with Rock n Roll Racing LLC; and Brian Grindle who was our DJ.


Gerard’s Turkey Farm, CVS, Star Market, Haymarket South, Sweet Frogg, The Chef’s Table, Peppermint Twist, Manny’s Pizza, McDonalds, Brant Rock Market, Haddads, Bridgeway, The Jetty, Ninty Nine, Coffee Shack, Gunther Tooties, Anthony’s Pizzeria, Fitzy’s Wake & Shake, Crest Family Catering, The Ming Dynasty, and Veronica’s Sweetcakes.

Fundraising Opportunities:

Roche Bros and Star Market​


Kristin Weisser, Lindsay Spurrier, Ann Walsh, Becky Chandler, Sharon Studley, Maureen Hazzard, Michelle O’Leary, Tina Donovan, Wendy Burnham, Becky Boucher, Jane Clougherty, John Clougherty, Maureen Bradley, Mary Hamilton, Yvonne Bridges, Lisa Orlandi, Kim Dodd, Jeff Picard, John Clifford, Ellen Clifford, Sarah Dunn, Jeff Dunn, Lisa Petrillo, Virginia Noyes, Jeff Corn, Aubrey Nielsen, Rich Greer, Heather Lauria, Andrea Crowther, Mike Tierney, Michelle Sweeney, Marybeth Caruso, Donna MacLean, Jill Ceppetelli-Spano, Dawn Faria, Maria Desmond, Debbie Crossman, Karen Maschio, Adrienne Vigilante, Joey Mouzer, Peg Davis, Roy Davis, Conor Mahoney, Susan Walker, Jessica Joyce, Nancy Wyatt, Karen Johnson, Christine Smith, Beth Winn, Shauna Perry, Paul Fulham, Amy Ramos, Lori Suzio, Lillian Murphy, Cheryl Cloherty, Danielle Kerrigan, Irene Fusco, Laurene Price, Brigid Boyd, Janine Heberlein, Jackie Lowe, Jon Commesso, John Costello, Nuet DeGrasse, Heather McCarthy, Ruth Susi, Kristin Croft, Kristin Hay,Dawn Warsofsky, Debbie Holt, Amanda Holthaus, Jenny Pitts, Erika Hawkes, Kacey Zych, Brian Grindle, Sean Costello, Kathleen Maresco, Amy Luongo, James Murphy, Linda Hurt, Rich Noyes, Judy Noyes, Kay Ramsay, Johanna Cullen, Jeanne Last, Rachel Altobello, Carolyn Contos, Steve Contos, Dawn Vercollone, Julie Keohane, Maryanne Flynn, Linda Joseph, Chris Rohland, Billy Nicholson, Corene Smith

​And the parents of the 2018 Graduates who arrived at 5:30 a.m. with fresh legs to break everything down!



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