East Bridgewater Business Association Expo & Family Fun Day 2018

September 15, 2018

Incredible morning at the East Bridgewater Business Association’s Annual Expo and Family Fun Day. Caught up with a lot of friends and met a lot of the nice business vendors that make up the fabric of this great community. Thank you to the EBRTC for supporting and hosting a table for us candidates and thank you to EBBA for hosting this wonderful event for the past 20 years. It was great to see everyone!

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0A2BFFCF-9391-4775-8D63-9F846E4EAA6F.jpeg 1C65E386-B1D0-41A8-98F8-469D4D58C4EB.jpeg
35122313-EDD8-44CE-B66D-DBE4C81D2FE6.jpeg 7F8E9ED0-2B37-4EF5-9449-C75F225F9B22.jpeg
7FC212C0-E899-442E-8AF5-4A8A6F02A8D8.jpeg 90E4F522-17D7-4087-9614-DBAF0280D86A.jpeg
97C8FD98-609E-416B-91FD-186DF3909F64.jpeg 9C476188-7129-44C2-AD83-6A9AF5D80951.jpeg
CCA5979A-5457-4F52-B026-E7B1E31A52F3.jpeg F4DB9160-0DBA-45CD-BE36-23565F1758A9.jpeg


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